Qui a droit à la prime de naissance ? Quelles sont les aides pour partir en vacances ? Comment faire une demande d'aide à la cantine scolaire...
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By gvantsa.katsadze
Hallo, i try to understand if i already have aplication about family recharges, can you check it? I am pregnance and baby will born 2 month. I live here help for asyle, so i have not french ID card. Thanks, please help to check If I have or not.
By CharlotteB
Hello gvantsa.katsadze,

I'm sorry but I don't understand your question. I think the best thing to do is to contact La Cimade : it's an association who helps people in your situation. Please check this website : https://www.lacimade.org/etre-aide-par-la-cimade/

Kinds regards,
By Gvantsa katsadze
:twisted: huitSorry, I translated the text through the site, I will try to ask you in English. I wonder if I have an active application in the organization CAF, whether I am entitled to financial support at the birth of a child. Thanks so much.
By CharlotteB

You have to create an account on Caf.fr to ask any financial help for your future child. The best thing to do is to contact an association like La Cimade : https://www.lacimade.org/activite/accue ... ratives-2/ They will help you.

Kinds regards,